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How to join my team? I would put the question differently: how to remain in it.

What is needed:

- desire to work for the result. If necessary, without lunch or without days off.

- the ability to solve unsolvable problems, and certainly without going into panicking when there’s a need to make an international call

- clear understanding who is who, following the rules of subordination

- love towards your job must be more than towards your ego

- correctness and tact

With these characteristics, even if at first your talent is not developed, it will definitely develop to the proper level. I personally take care about this.

What can close the door to the world of wonders in which I work:

- love of gossip and intrigue

- inability to work in a team and to sincerely care for all its members

- positioning oneself as an absolute phenomenon: "If you chose me, then you need me, which means that I will now dictate my whims." This is the shortest way to be informed that your services are no longer needed. With experience, you yourself will reason the same, believe me

- disorganization, untidiness, both in appearance and in work

Those who have worked in our industry for a long time know that the competition is huge, that stopping and doing unproductive things like gossip or any kind of fighting is a waste of time and a road to nowhere. I do not speak for everyone, but most of us deeply love our work, and invest in it even more than could be invested. Because we are in love with it. Our fees are not comparable to the investments. But every time, starting a new project, we are happy, and it’s vital that there are no infantile "stars" in it, but only conscious adults. The rest is all to enjoy, as every time it’s the magic.


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