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from  HARPER'S  BAZAAR  article:


Irina Lis Costanzo is much more than a successful artist behind a camera lens. She is a passionate seeker of the perfect frame, a believer in simplicity and grace, and a person with an eye for detail that goes way beyond the obvious.

She considers herself an explorer of beauty and an artist behind the lens. At 14, she borrowed her father’s camera to shoot a friend and discovered her passion for photography. She has collaborated with a plethora of magazines such as Vogue Italy, Germany, Numèro, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle in several countries. After 20-odd years on the job, she has her own fan club and a well-established reputation for excellence, reliability, and a unique vision. She is also a woman of style as well as essence.

Irina Lis Costanzo states that one of her significant missions is to raise awareness of a sacred role of a woman in life. Therefore, together with creating captivating photos, she fills them with profound messages.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME if you are planning to:

* Create a concept and a mood board for your visual communication

* Work with a person who will follow your visual communication project from A to Z

* Get a creative consulting

* Find a team of creatives (photographer, stylist, hair stylist, make-up artist, set designer)

* Cast the right model

* Choose a location

* Make viral and engaging photos

* Create and shoot an AD campaign

* Create and shoot a campaign for Socials (including still life, backstage, making of video)

* Shoot a catalogue/look book

* Shoot a fashion/beauty/jewellery editorial

* Find a placement in an international magazines

* Make a private shooting

Let's take you and your brand to the top!

Are you a MODEL or a BRAND with big dreams? Well, I'm the person you need to talk to.

You want to be a top model worth millions and grace the covers of international fashion magazines?

Or maybe you're developing a fashion/beauty/jewelry BRAND that's gonna take the world by storm? Well, I'm the one with the plan to get you there.

My name is Lis Costanzo, the “Lara Croft of Photography”.

I've been running some fashion photo and ADV projects with budgets over six digits euro. That's right, I'm not just a creative and a photographer, I'm a producer too.

I've been working many years in the fashion industry, and let me tell you, it's tough. But I'm tougher. I've built a name for myself in this industry, and people know that when I'm in charge, things get done.

And let me tell you about the models I've worked with. These are some serious ballers, with net worths ranging within millions of dollars. They're not just pretty faces, they're smart, savvy business people. And I'm honored to have worked with them.


So let's make your wildest dreams come true. Whether you want to be the next top model or create the next big fashion sensation, Iet's make it happen!


PS and if you are a photographer feeling like “I wish I could do the same”, follow me for a School of Photography launching soon!


love, Lis

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