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* Create a concept and a mood board for your visual communication

* Work with a person who will follow your visual communication project from A to Z

* Get a creative consulting

* Find a team of creatives (photographer, stylist, hair stylist, make-up artist, set designer)

* Cast the right model

* Choose a location

* Make viral and engaging photos

* Create and shoot an AD campaign

* Create and shoot a campaign for Socials (including still life, backstage, making of video)

* Shoot a catalogue/look book

* Shoot a fashion/beauty/jewellery editorial

* Find a placement in an international magazines

* Make a private shooting


Why: because creative direction and photography is what I do every single day.  And I know how to.

Lara Croft of Photography

...and a short (and not too official) BIO:


I was born in Mahileu, Bielorussia in the family of inheritable surgeon (father) and an architect (mother). At the age of 13 I went to a school of modelling and a few month later was invited to work as a model in one of Bielorussian agencies.

Then, at the age of 14 I took the old photo camera in my hands and my world had changed forever. That’s how it happened: I had a friend who started to work as the model in the same agency I was with. One day she came up to me saying: “Look, I don’t have money for the test shoots with a professional photographer and I know you do neither. Why wouldn’t we just buy a film, you ask your father to borrow you his old camera and we do the shoot on our own?”  And so we did.

We divided the cost of the film, my father gave me his camera (he won it in a lottery some years before I was born) and explained me the basic rules of taking pictures. I was the first to play the role of a photographer and you know what happened? When the moment to switch the roles came, I just didn’t want to leave the camera. I literary fell in love with taking pictures. The cool thing about it was that the agency paid me for those pictures and they told me that if I did more of photos of that kind, they would pay me again. That is how I started to work as a photographer.


At the age of 17 I was elected as a Super Photographer of Bielorussia and at the age of 20 moved to Italy to study Fashion Business in Istituto Marangoni. Together with the studies I was bringing forward my work as a photographer and as a creative director. So in 2008 I started the collaboration with L’Officiel (I shooted backstages of Milano Fashion Week for 7 seasons, but the main direction of our collaboration has always been fashion stories).


Step by step I created my own style of work as well as portfolio of clients.

Today I’m travelling the world as a photographer and a creative director, conducting editorial, commercial and private shootings, often starring the international Top models. This allows me to bring my audience behind the scenes of the most interesting projects.

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